Training: The Upward Dog Wayoogly

All our training programmes are trained in a positive way, and are force-free and reward-based: only the best for your precious pooch!

Using a clicker and treats

Image038All of our training is taught using a clicker, as this is the quickest and simplest way of teaching a dog that we’ve found.

We always click a behaviour we want and then give a treat: this teaches the dog that correct behaviour means hearing the click, which ultimately means a scrumptious reward! Even if we click at the wrong time, we must still give the dog a treat, since the connection between the click and the reward needs to be consistent.

The dog understands what is being asked of him because the click is timed to coincide exactly with the behaviour that we’re asking him for. It sounds the same, no matter who is pressing the clicker, and it always means the same thing. What’s not to love?!

You can buy a clicker in our shop to get started.

No negative markers

Dogs often perform unwanted behaviours for attention, whether we shout or tell him, “No!”, this is giving attention to the dog. Despite it being negative attention, the dog is happy to settle for any kind of interaction.

By ignoring the things we don’t want, and clicking for the things we do, we not only keep our dog feeling happy and successful, we also don’t give him the attention that makes him perform unwanted behaviours.

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