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The Classes Your Dog Would Choose…

Jessica Wilde (ISCP.Dip.Canine.Prac. and MPPG) is a canine behavioural practitioner and trainer based on the outskirts of Bath, offering small and personal classes, with a maximum of six dogs per group.Flat Coat Retriever dog offering his paw for dog training Bath and surroundings.

Our small breed and puppy, and adult starters classes start soon, click here to reserve your dog’s place now, or scroll down to read more!

Puppy and Small Breeds Dates: 1, 8, 15, 22, 29 June 2015 – 6.30pm
Adult Starter Dates: 21, 28 May and 11, 18, 25 June 2015 – 6.30pm
Venue: Shoscombe Village Hall, just seven miles outside of central Bath – treat your pup to classes in the countryside!

What Makes Us Special?

Cost Effective Quality – Our courses cost up to 50% less per class than others in the area – we want to provide a quality education for your pup, without breaking the bank!

Socialisation and Playtime – Does your dog love other dogs so much that he’ll pull you across the road to greet them? Or maybe he’d rather sit and watch others from a distance? No matter what your dog’s play and socialisation style, we’ll work with him and you to make your dog-dog interactions easier!

A Boxer Dog wearing a red lead, just as we offer dog training Bath and surrounding areasAccessible Venue – We don’t have to sacrifice outdoor training for the sake of a lack of space – our rural location allows us the use of both an indoor hall, and quiet adjoining grass area. We also have plenty of parking.

Our Methods Work – Every dog is different, but we also know that our methods work for the majority – and if they don’t, we have plenty of other ideas up our sleeves. We dedicate ourselves to helping you and your dog succeed.

Fun Training – We know that obedience-style classes can become really boring for you and your dog, so we make sure that our classes are vibrant, with plenty to do. We even learn a few tricks along the way!

Training is an Adventure – The world can be a scary place for a pup, but we introduce those in our classes to novelties like vacuum cleaners, different walking surfaces, balloons, and more – all in a safe, clean environment.

Never Too Old for New Tricks…

Many people question whether their puppy is too young to join our classes – the answer is “Probably not!”… We are happy to take puppies from two weeks after their first vaccination injection (provided you’ve checked that this is okay with your veterinary surgeon – puppies who have not had their second vaccination will be kept to indoors areas only).

Puppies over 18 weeks and older dogs are welcome to join our beginners’ class – there’s no truth in that “can’t teach an old dog…” chestnut. We’ve seen proof that dogs of any age have a capacity for learning – and surprising their owners!

Science-Based, Modern, POSITIVE Methods…

There are no aversive techniques or pieces of equipment used in our classes.
We strongly believe in keeping things positive and fun for the dogs – we find ways of encouraging the dogs to work for us, without resorting to ‘dominance’ techniques that are based on the out-of-date ‘pack theory’ still used by some dog trainers and organisations.

Miniature poodle learns clicker training, as we use in our dog training Bath and surrounding areas

Got You Convinced?

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Not Sure Classes are the Right Option for Your Dog?

Not every dog loves to be in the company of other dogs, and we understand this.

If your dog has any history of aggression (growling, lunging, barking) towards other dogs or humans, these classes are not appropriate for him.

Luckily for him, though, we offer a full range of bespoke private training and behavioural advice to help him become the dog he’s always wanted to be!

Feel free to get in touch for advice and support. We’re always here for you and your canine companion.

Jessica holding a Dachshund Cross offering dog training Bath and surrounding areas

What’s so SPECIAL About The Upward Dog?

We treat all the puppies and dogs we work with as though they’re our own: we love nothing more than puppy-snuggles and doggy face-licks.
We’re doggy people who offer positive direction for your precious pooch.

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