Billy + Margot Venison Joint Care Treats


Why The Upward Dog Loves These:

Our resident Chihuahua is reaching her senior years, and her arthritis is better some days than others. These treats are brilliant for giving her joints a boost of Glucosamine, which is a natural building block of cartilage.
Weight: 75g (approx.)

A little something for those breeds that are prone to bone and joint issues, or the more senior pooches who may already be experiencing arthritic aches and pains.

The ingredients couldn’t get any simpler: 100% wild British venison, collagen casing, and added Glucosamine.


Each treat contains 100mg of Glucosamine Sulphate.

Small Dogs (5-20kg) – 2 pieces

Medium Dogs (21-35kg) – 4 pieces

Large Dogs (36-45kg) – 6 pieces

Extra Large Dogs (45kg+) – 8 pieces

(Dosages can be increased, as necessary)

Do not feed to puppies under 14 weeks of age.

Feed responsibly, as part of a balanced diet for your dog.

Make sure that water is available at all times for your dog.

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