Does your canine companion pull you into the bushes every time you go for a walk?

The Freedom No-Pull Harness uses a two-point lead attachment system: one end of the lead is connected to your dog’s back, and the other to his chest. This means that you are able to walk your dog in a balanced way, keeping his feet – and yours! – on the ground.

As Grisha Stewart (founder and author of Behaviour Adjustment Training) said, this is the “Ferrari of walking harnesses”! The double connection style of this harness means that your pooch just got power steering!

Worried that your dog is choking himself in his collar when he pulls?

The Freedom No-Pull Harness takes all the pressure off your dog’s sensitive throat area, and distributes weight around the chest and torso instead. With four points of adjustment, you can ensure that the harness isn’t putting too much pressure on any part of your dog’s body.

Tried other anti pull harnesses that chafed and rubbed your dog raw?

The Freedom No-Pull Harness’ chest strap is lined with Swiss velvet, which helps prevent chafing behind the legs, and the straps are all turned outwards to prevent sores caused by rubbing seams.

Tried other anti pull harnesses that were difficult to fit?

The Freedom No-Pull Harness doesn’t require you to lift your pooch’s legs, making it incredibly easy and quick to put onto even the squirmiest of puppies!

What else is good about it?

It’s fully washable, and virtually Houdini-proof for even the wiggliest of walkers!

Why haven’t I heard of the Freedom No-Pull Harness?

The Freedom No-Pull Harness is made in the USA, and it simply isn’t widely available in the UK yet. We import directly from the manufacturer, 2 Hounds Design, in the United States.

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