The Upward Dog has struggled to find the very best harnesses available for everyday use. The main issues we discovered were with comfort, safety and quality.

Our resident Dachshund Cross ended up with a few ‘war wounds’ from some of the harnesses that we tested, with grazes on her elbows and in her armpits. All in the name of research – and she received her danger money in the form of Billy+Margot treats, so she was happy!

We’ve a resident ‘Hound-ini’ in our midsts, The Upward Dog Chihuahua, and she demonstrated that not all harnesses are constructed with security of the dog in mind!

We were disappointed by the quality of some harnesses: several were made of rough fabric, with poor stitching, and clips that broke far too easily.

The Upward Dog does not stock the cheapest harnesses on the market, but we do stock harnesses that we know to be good quality, and have proven comfortable and safe for long tramps across the countryside. And – for all those muddy rural adventures – all the harnesses we sell are washable!

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