Puppy Biting – Ouch! Teeth!oogly

Puppy biting can become a real problem for some owners. Puppies have teeth that are like needles, and they seem to relish testing them out on human skin!

Here are some tips from The Upward Dog on how to help your pup learn to stop biting.

These teeth were made for... Puppy Biting!Where to Start?

Begin by assessing what makes your puppy nip the most: often this will be hands, floaty clothing and feet moving past her quickly. Whilst it’s not realistic to restrict all hand and foot movement, try not to do this unnecessarily near your puppy: set her up for success.

Keeping Things Simple 

Don’t lecture your puppy on why not to bite, or exclaim at her repeatedly for doing so. She is a puppy: this is normal behaviour. It’s our job to help her through this phase.

When the puppy bites, let her know it hurts, with one word: “Ow!” After saying this, turn your face away from the pup for fifteen seconds or so, and then turn back to her and continue what you were doing previously.

Do this every time, and the puppy will soon learn that when her teeth make contact with your skin, she won’t get any attention from you. It’s in her best interest not to bite, as she wants to continue to play with you.

Redirect the puppy with plenty of toys that she is allowed to chew on: this will help her to learn what is appropriate to bite.

Still Puppy Biting?

It’s not uncommon for some puppies to have a tougher time than others learning to stop biting their owners. You shouldn’t implement a ‘time out’ plan lightly: give yourself a totally consistent week or two following the advice above.

If the puppy bites, repeat the “Ow!”, but this time, pick your puppy up (saying nothing!) and take her to a different room. This room should be somewhere he doesn’t normally spend time. Close the door, and leave her in the room on her own for thirty seconds at first. Gradually increase the time as necessary, but never go beyond two minutes or so: the puppy will quickly forget why she’s been excluded.

It may take time, but your puppy will eventually realise that biting you is boring: far better to carefully avoid biting, and get the chance to keep interacting with you.

Still Puppy Biting?

If you’re still having problems, don’t suffer in silence, and get in touch to see how we can help you to manage your puppy biting problems!