Kong Fillingsoogly

Kongs are a great toy for dogs: they can easily be filled with treats for the dog to use their tongue (and brain!) to scoop out. Different stuffings are suitable for different levels of Kong experience, and here are a few Kong fillings from The Upward Dog, which might float your pooch’s boat!

What you need…

Kong fillings vary in difficult, dependent on how accustomed the dog is to playing with oneA willing dog

A Kong

Treats and ingredients as specified below

First step Kong fillings…

  • Treat biscuits that fall straight out of the end.
  • Cubes of cheese squeezed into the inside ridges of the Kong.
  • Pieces of chicken and hot dog sausage.
  • Your dog’s regular kibble (makes meal times last longer and more fun).

Moving on with Kong…

  • Treat biscuits in the body of the Kong, sealed with a dollop of squeezy cheese or peanut butter.
  • Banana squashed around the inside of the Kong.
  • Cheese cubes topped with a dollop of peanut butter to seal the Kong.
  • Yoghurt and stewed apple (no added sugar).

For the experts…

The Upward Dog’s Ultimate Stuffing Recipe

Blend together half a handful each of cooked chicken, cheese cubes, and chunks of watermelon. If the liquid is a little too wet, add more chicken. (I also add Pooch and Mutt’s Bionic Biotic supplement at this stage, along with Bach Flower Remedies appropriate to the dog).

Push a cube of cheese into the bottom of the Kong to seal it, and add the blended mixture. Seal with a dollop of squeezy cheese, a frozen sprat in the top, and freeze.

Prepare to be your dog’s best friend – forever!