Dog Days of Summer: Leaving Your Dog in Kennels


So… The kids are off school, the sun is out (albeit intermittently!), and it’s time for the annual summer holiday…

What fills you with most dread?
Sorting out the children or the dog?!

If you’re leaving your dog in kennels this summer, here are the Upward Dog’s tips for a worry free break…

Don’t leave it too late!
Most good kennels book up a few weeks in advance, and good home boarders and pet sitters can often be booked up months ahead.

As soon as you know your dates, call up and book your dog in, and confirm your booking a few days before.

Check your dog’s vaccinations!
Give your vet a call to confirm that your dog is up to date with whatever vaccinations she needs to go into boarding.

Dog with suitcase

Plan your departure to minimise stress!
Keep suitcases and bags out of the way until the last minute: many dogs develop negative associations between seeing the luggage being brought out, and them being left without their favourite humans.

Make sure you allow plenty of time to check your dog into kennels, and see her settled before you leave. There’s nothing worse for dog or owner than a big rush and stressful goodbyes.

Leave familiar toys and blankets with your dog!
Try to choose a kennel that will allow your dog to take in a few things from home. Dogs will be more comfortable, if they have something that smells of you and their home environment.

Check in with the boarding establishment if you’re worrying!
Don’t suffer in silence: we all miss and worry about our dogs, when we leave them at home. No pet sitter or kennels is going to mind you calling them to check that your pooch has settled in well: then you can get on with the important business of enjoying your holiday…!

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